If you’ve ever wanted to be ahead of the game with VMware, now is your chance.  VMware is accepting applications for their new beta program at the link below.  I’ve been a part of their past beta programs and it’s a pretty cool experience!

The program is a bit different than past beta programs in a  few ways.

  1. The program isn’t tied to just one specific version or release.  It will encompass multiple versions and stepped releases of the product.
  2. You don’t need your own environment to do the testing.  They have hosted beta options available where you can test it in their environment.
  3. You can still download the beta bits and install them in your own lab if you wish.
  4. You also get access to their beta community where you can share info, tips, and tricks with other VMware users in the program.

Sign up soon, as they usually only accept a certain number of participants!

vSphere Beta Program Application